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Civility to fellow our man...

steve antonucci
>I keep seeing people apologizing for things they've said or done that have been taken "the wrong way". I have to say, I am often more offended by the replies than the original post.

Curtis's recent post underscores this.

Here we have a man that bares his soul to us, a community that we represent as a friendly place, for people with a common interest to socialize, trade stories, and often, act as a sounding board for difficult personal issues.

Curtis offered something deeply personal about his life, and asked for help. While I don't know him personally, I feel apathy for his situation, however misplaced his post seemed. I read it, and even though it was completely in the wrong forum, I had to assume that his intentions were honorable and his story genuine.

I also read some of the follow-up, and I scratched my head? It seemed highly inappropriate, as if people were questioning his honesty? I certainly appreciate that the internet has it's share of "evil-doers", but I also believe that most people are good.

Can people please use more/better judgement here before they start casting stones? I'm tired of reading apologies.


P.S. If you're still around Curtis, I wish you the best of luck with adopting. I have a friend that adopted 2 wonderful kids from Russia, and another going through the paperwork for foster care...

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