Turning Archive 2005

Our 40th today, asking for a favor for you.

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>Last Thursday Sandy came home and said she needed me to get something out of the car. It was lunch time so I asked her if it was food and she said no. I was busy typing a response to a post so I didn't jump up at her request. Mistake number one. She reminded me she needed help so I stopped typing and followed her out to the car. On the way I asked her what she needed help with. Her reply, "It is your anniversary present." Since we are taking the whole family to Hawaii in December we decided no gifts for any occasions this year. So I asked why she bought me an anniversary present. "To make you feel guilty", was her quick reply. When I got to the back of the van and looked in the open tailgate there was a brand new Stihl 310 chainsaw with 24" bar. The same saw the walked away from me last month after only 4 1/2 years together.

Well she succeeded with the quilt trip. I am doing a carving show this weekend because the Wood n Heart cupboard is bare. I was not going to replace the chainsaw until after the first of the year to conserve cash. Not only does she accept my doing a show on our 40th wedding anniversary but she replaces my stolen chainsaw to make life easier for me. "I got lucky 40 years ago," would be an understatement.

My favor is to please take the time to email your condolences to Sandy for enduring me for the last 40 years. Her email address is sjsmith65@adelphia.net

With help from my woodworking friends I can make Sandy smile this weekend.

Dave Smith

Maybe I can make up to the LOML in an other 40 years in Longview, WA.

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