Turning Archive 2005

Donation for adoption *PIC*

Jim King
>I saw a post earlier today and did not have time to answer about asking for donations for adoption. I did not set well with me and obviously did not set well with Ellis as I cannot find it tonight.

We normally only accept animals that have four legs but one of our employees just had a little girl from someone in the family dropped off at his house that is one and a half years old and weighed 12 pounds. I am attaching a photo that may not set well with many people but this is the way it is here. I am happy to report that in a week she has gained over two pounds only from intraveneous and still is not allowed to eat. The marks on her stomach are from worms and other problems and are now healing.

Asking for donations to adopt a child is absurd. I dont think the States is so primative that if you want a foster child you cant get one almost immediatly. Sorry for the rant but this one really did me bad. You can be assured this little girl will make it. Thankyou Ellis for removing this BS.

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