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Instant Karma *PIC*

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>It always seems to pay off to do something nice for someone else. Sometimes it may be awhile, but sometimes it happens immediately.

Today I took my trailer over to Dick Parr's house to haul off some carpet and pad and some vinyl flooring that my son had pulled out to put in the new flooring in the kitchen and living room. This was a round trip of over 100 miles, but it seemed to me that it should be part of the service. No charge, of course.

On the way back from the dump, I saw where they had cut down some small walnut to clear for power line work, so I stopped and helped myself to some nice little crotches.

A few miles down the road, I did a double take at a 20+" cherry log laying in front of a newly constructed house. After going down the road aways to where I could turn around, I came back and asked the carpenter what he was going to do with the log. He allowed as to how he was going to have it milled up into lumber since he has a cabinet shop at home. I asked, "What about the crotch?" He told me I could have it if I wanted and that there might be some other wood that had been pushed to the back of the property.

The current result of my little visit is shown in the picture. I have several nice chunks of cherry crotch, a nice hackberry crotch plus 2 straight chunks, a couple of nice pieces of walnut with several crotches on each, several chunks of fresh cedar and access to a cedar tree and stump that is at least 24" in diameter and still solid. I also have access to the cherry stump, so I'm headed back over there again next week.

By the way, in case you couldn't tell, this IS a gloat. 8^]


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