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Brand new newbie turner

>Hello all;

I am brand newbie to turning.

I just bought one of those cheapo drill assisted lathe on ebay. Just to get my feet wet.

I want to make clock finials. I have a few old clocks and would like to make some finials to match what should be there.

So far I know that they should be made of cherry wood. I need the stock wood to be at least 4 or 5 inches in length as the finials I am making are aprox 3 1/2 or less. And they have to be bigger than pen stock for width.

I experimented so far with lathe and some wood chisels. Was careful to wear eye goggles. I bought some pressed wood to experiment with.

It looks like I may need to buy a duplicator or really take some serious time to make the finials exact same demensions.

Is there a simpler method than cut/measure, cut/measure, cut/measure to make duplicates? Maybe a work arround or jerry rig that might make acceptable copy?

If things go well I may invest money later for this part of my hobby.
Just testing the waters.

I see a duplicator sells on ebay for $100 aprox. How does this thing attach and guide my wood chisel???

Apreciate any comments.

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