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OT: Open house at my son's school...

steve antonucci
>I went to my son's open house last night (K through 4th) and I noticed something that I found very disturbing. Not meaning to sound sexist, but the entire teaching staff was female! The only male teacher happened to be brand new, and the son of one of the current teachers, or I'm very sure that he wouldn't have gotten the job. Both of the administrators (Principal and Superintendent) are men, and the music teacher was also a man, but every other member of the staff (office workers, art, gym...) was a female. (except the IT guy...)

I guess I was not aware that teaching was so unpopular among men? My schools were always ~50/50 mix, but I am 39. Has teaching changed that much since I left school?

At the risk of sounding sexist, I wonder if it is because male administrators do not want other men around "challenging" their alpha male status? Or can it be that men just don't want to teach? In a school with probably 35 "regular classroom teachers", there has to be something statistically wrong with one male teacher.

For those of you with younger children, do you see the same disparity?


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