Turning Archive 2005

BANG! Pfffffffffffffffffeee...

Jorge Castaneda
>I was turning a piece of wet bich, straight from the firewood I was cutting today, at some point I set up the Jacobs chuck equiped with a 3/4" Forstner bit, started drilling and it felt like the bit was feeding itself and in a very short time, it went all the way to the 3" I wanted in one go, then pulling it back was kind of hard, and then BANG! Pfffffffffffffffffeee... it sounded like a fire arm and a cloud of hot steam and fine saw dust came out, The stream was so strong that a pair of scissors in the shelf 3" away was trown down and landed by my feet, even with the tail stock on the way.
Whar a surprise!, good thing I was wearing the face mask, even if the discharge did not hit me, it made me feel good knowing I was wearing it.
I think I learned my lesson and I am grateful there was no harm.
Drilling into end grain in wet wood? Feed slowly and back out frequently, the bit generates quite a bit of heat and the sap turned into vapor, and the wet shavings could not eject and as the bit was not backed were milled over and over into fine dust.

Any day is a good day to learn.


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