Turning Archive 2005

OT:Your prayers worked

Mike Schwing from Md.
>We are shocked and amazed, in a good way. Hercules, the poor little golden retriever for whom I requested prayers, got a reprieve today.

His biopsy came back - infected salivary glands. We can't believe it. The doctor said no trace of cancer was found in his head, and they dug around all over the place. The mass on the xray is severely infected tissue, and just to be sure of no tumor they're going to do an ultrasound on him. He was really in bad shape with a really bad infection and it sort of explains all of his symptoms. The antibiotics from the past 4 days seem to be helping, too. He's still in a good bit of pain but this is REALLY GOOD NEWS! We are thrilled and thank you for all of your prayers.

We really can't believe it. Thank you.

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