Turning Archive 2005

Old Friend snaps.... Kinda long...

Spence in Rhode Island
>I share my shop with my best friend and I'm responsible for his turning addiction. He decided to make a mushroom from a spruce log. About 18" long and 12" dia. We're talking about the big kahuna of mushrooms here for sure. Anyway he used my 1 1/4" Sorby roughing gouge that I've had for more than 15 years. A heck of a lot of wood got turned into shavings with that gouge. Of all the tools I have it was one of my favorites. Anyways to make a long story short, the tool rest shifted on him and it snapped the tang right at the handle. Most importantly he wasn't hurt but it scared the dickens out of him to say the least. I was making a pen on one of the other lathes when he came over and just layed the pieces on the bench. Maybe I'm just weird or something but I will really miss that gouge. So its off to Woodcraft tomorrow for a new one.

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