Turning Archive 2005

tool handle question....

Keith Tompkins
>I was rather stunned by how many hits my tool handle post received...I'm curious, how many at this site make their own handles, and do you just make utilitarian pieces, or really finish them nicely? Why?

I can imagine some really neat tool handles...Molly's could have a burned section with a mustang. Andi could have a prismacolor leaf motif. Mike, maybe a bug symbol on each one. These are just a couple of ideas....What would you make?

A waste of time....? I don't think so. After all, how many pieces do we all turn that sit on a shelf, unused? Tools are something we use every day.Sounds like a cool contest, too!

Your thoughts?

In one issue of Fine Woodworking each year, home-made tools are featured.Personally, I like the concept.

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