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Back Off Jimbo!!

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

You know that title on the katriana Auction from one of Molly’s and Dave’s bids this past week really made me laugh, you both thought that I’d try to win a piece of wood to cut it up into pen blanks…well, I’d never do that to such nice turning blanks…but today I made a few goodies for my fall craft sale trays.

I thought I’d share a few, these are all Ligero Platinum Roller Ball pens, they are a nice capped pen, light weight with the majority of the hardware being plastic. It’s nice sized pen and they feel good when you are using one.

I made this one with a gold box elder burl

This is a green box elder burl

This one is a burgundy box elder burl

This one is a blue box elder burl

This one is a buck eye burl

I am about 30 % of the way into making my fall inventory. I have 2 shows in November and I passed a jury for a 3rd and I am on a waiting list there.

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