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Two new books I'm really enjoying. (Turning)

Craig Daymon
>I was at a turners meeting recently and was told that I should work on my forms a bit. Well, I had $30 in book store coupons from my sister to burn so I headed off to the book store to see what might fit.

Now I love wood. I love the variations in coloring and grain that seem to make it like treasure hunting every time you cut into a piece. Well, I think I found 2 books that fit me well and others might find them worth picking up, so here are the names.

Both books are by Mark Baker.

"Woodturning Projects - A Workshop Guide To Shapes"
ISBN # 1-86108-391-2

This is a great book showing how to turn boxes, bowls, platters, natural edge and hollowforms. He uses a different wood for each project and describes the working qualities of each. There is an alternate shape presented for each project as well. Each category includes about 10 projects, only the first of each presented with a pictorial and descriptive presentation of the techniques used. Tools, finishes, other equipment are all discussed in the beginning of the book. If for no other reason, this book has wonderful photography of beautiful turned wood that make it worth the price.

The second is:

"Wood for Woodturners"
ISBN # 1-86108-324-6

Again, the photos make this a worthwhile buy. The beginning goes into storing, buying, cutting, wood terms and turning terms. Then comes 50 woods in detail with a turned piece presented in each wood. This is followed by 100 woods in brief, which lacks the turned object, but includes some very useful information.

These are wonderful books (well, I think so) and I'd suggest that if you are wandering the local book store you take a look and see for yourself.


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Two new books I'm really enjoying. (Turning)
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