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Ed Karch in No.VA
>A nice lady called me up and said they had sold their property to developers and would I like some wood. I sawed and hauled 6 truck loads of large cherry, pecan, paulownia,and black walnut. She requested a slab of black walnut for a centerpiece base. This wood was so wet that standing a piece on end would result in a puddle of water draining out of the wood.I cut about a two inch thick slab and soaked in DNA for a week. I pulled it out and bagged it for a week then it started to crack not from the center but half way out toward the edge. I re-dunked it for a couple of days and the cracks closed. It is now bagged again and I will check in a couple of days to see if the cracks open again. I noticed this on bowls, that DNA after cracks would sometimes close the cracks. Has any one else seen this?

Another thought. if spring/summer cut wood has loose bark due to active cambium. would a DNA soak remove enough water to stablize the bark? The walnut slab has intact bark so I will moniter for this also.

Oh yes I gave her bowls of pecan, Paulownia, maple, and one drying in black walnut, so she can have something to remember her trees by.


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