Turning Archive 2005

On the drying rack this morning.

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I turned the plates last night. I had the vessel outside turned last year and was not looking forward to hollowing the dry spalted bigleaf maple. I figured out how to use the ring tool Charles Martin gave me and once I found the sweet spot the vessel didn't have a chance. I used the ring tool on the plates and had better control turning the corners. What a deal, auction off a plate and get a tool that allows making more plates easier.

Clockwise from lower right.
Big leaf maple about 7.5" square.
Koa about 6" square.
Elm about 6" square. Dyed with cardinal red.
Big leaf maple vessel. Hollowed out with my new ring tool.
All will get a second coat of Rockler’s Gel Polyurethane this evening.

I was going to dye the koa but I knew sandy would pitch a fit if I did.

Do you see anything worth auctioning?

Dave Smith

Turning and burning in Longview, WA.

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