Turning Archive 2005

Another photo posting question for the experts

Russ Fairfield
>Is it just me, or is there really a darkening and loss of contrast of some photos that occurrs as it is transferred to one of these Websites for posting?? It happens both here at WoodCentral and on WOW, but it is worse here. It doesn't happen when I post photos to the server for my own website, it doesn't happen when I send the same photos via E-mail, and it doesn't happen to all photos.

The number of dark photos would tell me that others are also having this problem.

I have solved the problem by increasing the brightness and contrast on photos that are going to be posted on WC and WOW. Since both are different, and it doesn't happen with every photo, I have to make several tries at editing to get a good photo on-line. Is there a better way??

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