Turning Archive 2005

O.T. Skyline Drive

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>My wife and I are leaving Sunday for a trip down Skyline Drive and to Shenandoah National Park. We are leaving from the Cleveland, Ohio area. Are there any suggestions of things to see in the area? Are there turning or wood places along the way? Information on other sights or activities is welcome too. We plan to do a little tent camping, a little hiking, a lot of sight seeing, and take some pictures. If the weather is bad, or camping isn't available, we will stay in motels. How far is the Skyline drive from John C. Campbel and Arrowmont Schools? Is there anything to see at the schools if we just drop by? My wife is a non-turner I don't want to take up large volumes of time with turning related visits. A few hours out of the whole trip would be OK though. I hope the hurricane isn’t affecting that area too badly and has moved on before we get there.

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