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The best Bowl Video I have seen............

Greg Haugen
>I received my Bill Grumbine Bowl video yesterday in the mail. With in tem minutes it was in the VCR and I was on the couch with a Pepsi and chips. The video is over two hours long. By far the BEST video I have seen on bowl turning; informative, thorough, instructional, and rather funny. The video with shipping was around 34-35 dollars, shipped priority mail. Unlike other videos in that paper box, Bill's comes in a plastic protective case for safe keeping. Which is nice with two daughters under the age of 4. I have other videos from other turners but I think those videos may collect some dust now. New members are joing our club every month this is a video I would love to pass on to them to view.

The video can be purchase through Bill himself at WWW.WONDERFULWOOD.COM. All forms of payments are accepted.

I have not seen it offered through Craft Supplies or Packard.

My two cents is this; If this is not the BEST bowl video it is easily in the top two or three.

Thanks and Happy Turning

Greg Haugen

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