Turning Archive 2005

Photography tip? GE "Reveal" bulbs (pics)

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I've been noticing something that I think might be important about my photography. In my small booth/cube, I have been using a different light source than in the larger cube. In the large cube I use 500 watt halogen work lamps. They do a fine job. BUT in the small cube I have been using GE "Reveal" floodlight bulbs in 100 watt size. I can't use them in the large cube because they're not strong enough to light the object in the 36" tent.

I really like those Reveal bulbs and use them throughout the house. Whenever one breaks and my bride replaces them with a standard bulb I am struck by the difference in color rendition, so I thought it would be a good experiment to try photography with them. I've been using them for a while but with each photo I think more and more of them. I simply unscrew them from the ceiling lights in the kitchen and use them in portable reflector units. With the last photo of bug 4 I'm totally convinced.

The photographs taken under those lighting conditions are in my estimation - my best by far. Photos taken in that small cube with the halogens are not nearly as pleasing. I've tried both!

It could be that I'm red/green colorblind, but the pics with those bulbs just look much nicer to me. No comparison really.

The photos below were all taken in a 12" cube with 2 GE Reveal 100 watt floods. The soft, pleasing color rendition just screams "nice" to me. Next time I use this booth I'll take identical pics with both light sources for comparison. Any similar experiences or experiments?

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