Turning Archive 2005

I'm curious. I've bathed...

Rod Peterson -- Ormond Beach
>This is an uncomfortable post for me to write as it almost sounds as if I'm fishing for compliments, and I'm not. The following experience is atypical for me so I'm trying to find out if I missed something.

Last Thursday I posted a report on my lathe stand modifications I had made in converting from my old Craftsman tube lathe to my Delta 46-700. I even had visual aids (pictures). I also asked for opinions on the height as I'm unsure where I should be with it. So what's the problem? The post has had nearly 300 reads (as of the time of this post). There have been zero—zilch, nada, bupkus replies.

I know there had been some in-progress discussion in a post the week earlier, but I didn't think all the issues had been resolved, and I still was interested in thoughts on the height question. Was it something I said? Did everyone think I was just posting a completed project for all to view?

Anyway, I'll go shower again, if it'll help (I know I need a haircut, and I was at the dentist today, so I brushed for that). Please don't post a *NM* we're here for you—my ego isn't that hungry for massaging. But if there is something to add on the height issue, I'd really appreciate some input—especially from the more experienced, really savvy turners.


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