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The case for a Tormek AND a regl'r grinder *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I bought the Harbor Freight needle scaler over this past weekend to use as a texturing tool. The dozen and a half or so steel needles need to be rounded off smoothly before use for this application. My two grinders, a standard B&D 3500 rpm grinder and my Tormek, work wonderfully in unison for this task. I don't normally use a high speed grinder as my tools retain their shape pretty well after initial grinding, so I don't have a dedicated setup for it either.

So I simply dragged out the grinder and sat it alongside the Tormek, and brought out the magnifyer as well.

A few seconds on the high speed grinder, inspection for a half decent roundover job under magification, and then maybe 30 seconds on the Tormek wheel are all it takes. Without the Tormek, the surface would be rough and not very evenly rounded. With it, and its slow speed, I can progress as desired, and quick checks under the magnifyer allow me easily gauge progress. This will result in a finer finish on the needles than the high speed wheel would give me, resulting in a finer product in the long run on the wooden workpiece.

Shaping on the Tormek is interminable. Horrible. Painstaking. Like watching ugly paint dry. Sharpening on my grinder is nearly the same. Sure, I could have a nicer high speed grinder and a different wheel, but I started out with a Tormek, not the other way around.

This way, everyone is happy. Both grinders get use. The time is minimized, the final product is very pleasing and together they do what one alone could not. (IMO)

Just a quick demonstration to confirm what everyone said last week - Tormek - lousy for reshaping, wonderful for sharpening/small changes.

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