Turning Archive 2005

Maple Burl Vessel/Ebony

>Hi Everyone,

This my latest attempt at hollowing. While it's not paper thin...it's about 3/8" thick...I was pleased with the form that I ended up with.I tend to get skittish towards the end of the hollowing process and chicken out when it comes to getting them really thin. I would like to someday, but for now I'll work on my hollowing skills of just removing the inside material and as I get better I'll gain the confidence to push it a bit farther. I guess the upside is that if this one gets pushed off the coffee table it won't shatter :)

This is a piece of maple burl that was bone dry to start with but it cut and hollowed real nicely. The collar is ebony. I've been hooked on the Rockler Gel poly wipe on finish lately but I was afraid it might get into the voids and get gunky...so I just used Watco Danish Oil and then lightly buffed with all three Beal wheels.

Thanks for taking a peek. I'd love to hear your comments and critiques on this one please.


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