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Locks of Love *PIC*

>Not sure if I got the name of the organization correct there in the title, but I did a little project not long ago that I thought was worth sharing. A niece of mine grew her hair long during the summer so she could donate a head full of hair to Locks of Love - they make wigs for people who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. She did it because her dad is a very recent cancer survivor. She's ten. A very impressive ten years I think. So I made her a little box in which I suggested she put a small lock of her hair, so she would remember this time and what she did. Apparently it was a hit. I just thought it would be a good post, and a good project idea in case you know somebody who is associated with the organization.

It looks a bit like a pawn from a chess set, but I like it, and my little artistic niece thinks it is exceptionally cool, so that's what counts in my book.

The piece is cherry wood, and I couldn't decide on my finish, so it has a smattering of everything on it, mostly tung oil with a wax finish on top. I'll post two pictures.

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