Turning Archive 2005

I am absolutely stunned by people’s generosity.

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>Charles Martin won the blue square plate I had up for auction with a generous $65 bid. Then he emailed me and said he couldn’t get the addressed envelope in an other envelope so he had to use a box. I wrote back saying I hope it wasn’t wood in the box unless it was wood I didn’t have.

The box arrived this afternoon and here is what was inside besides the check to his favorite charity.

A Crown hollowing tool I assume, since I have never seen one this big before.

Unfortunately Jennifer and Charles will get their packages a day later because I am not going to the Post Office this afternoon. I am going out to the shop and get to know this tool better as soon as I figure out how to sharpen it.

Thank you Charles. Who told you I was hollowing tool challenged? Well, who ever it was I thank you too. Now I have to get this feces consuming grin of my face before my jaws start hurting. The jaw already hit the floor when I opened the box from Charles.

Dave Smith

Hollowing just got a little deeper and easier in Longview, WA.

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