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tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>Well, I did my second Art/Craft Show. The results were much better than the first show, but not as good as I think they should be. Only two of the Magic Wands sold. I sold my only two natural edge bowls as soon as the show started and I figured I was off to great start. Unfortunately the pace slowed down after that. I sold two of my military platters (both Marines). I also sold a few smaller items. I made my entry fee and then some! :) Part of my profits will be to pay for my fee to go to the Symposium in Arizona in February. (See ya there, Sean!) The show was at a Garden Center even though this was the 7th year for this show. Most of the traffic through it seemed to be garden center customers. The exhibitor that seemed to be selling the most was selling garden ornaments. My conclusion is I would do this show again, but I would cater part of my product line to the garden shoppers. I'm thinking of turned birdhouses and hummingbird feeders. There were 29 exhibitors at the show. There were 3 awards, best of show, second place, and honorable mention. The top two awards got cash and ribbons, honorable mention was just announced on the P.A. system. I got the honorable mention. I would have liked at least a certificate for it, but they gave nothing. I guess I should look at it this way at least I was in the top three out of twenty nine. Each exhibitor tagged two pieces to be judged. I chose my Slayers Prize Sculpture and a nice Cherry Bowl. I’m not even sure which one got the honorable mention. The judge did suggest that I bring more large pieces when I display. I looked at my exhibit and I think that was a valid suggestion. I’m looking for another show to do. I need to find one with good customer traffic, of people primarily interested in handcrafted items. I was the only exhibitor that had turnings or wood. My daughter had her ceramics there and did not fare as well as I did. There was one other potter there. One booth sold very high quality decorated gourds. (They received first prize.) Most of the exhibitors were selling flat art (prints, paintings, or photographs) or jewelry. Many people would tell my daughter and I how much they liked our work, but few reached for thier wallets.
Keeping at it.

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