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Experiment with Prisma Marker

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

A friend here at work asked me about doing a purple bowl for her. Sure, says I, I can do purple :) I then went and tried to mix some purple dye from my red/blue aniline supplies and the best I could get was sort of a deep burgandy. I just didn't have the hang. However, thinking about the beautiful work that Jennier Shirley and others have done with the Prisma markers, I stopped by AC Moore and picked up a few. Here's the result :)

This is a simple little 6 inch by 2 inch piece of birdseye maple I got for Christmas last year and have been waiting to play with. While I really like the bowl and the simplicity of working with the markers, I think the dyes tend to give a more uniform color. Also, the markers tended to obscure more of the grain than I wanted, but some of that may also have been the fact that this is purple. Of course, this is just my first attempt with the markers, so may change my tune after a few more. There was a ton of good information in the archives here for working with the markers. In the end, I just sort of tossed caution to the wind, colored the bowl, used Tried and True to cover the whole bowl, let it set for about an hour and then buffed it with the Beall system. It turned my wheels purple, but about 30 seconds per wheel with some 60 grit cleaned them right up. Seeing how much compound I got off the wheels, it time to clean them anyway.

Thanks for taking a look, opinions are welcome and encouraged.

Many thanks to Jennifer and the other Prisma color users for great past posts about methods for using the markers. Note that I am NOT a photographer! The bowl is really a striking purple color in person. Not nearly so dark as the pictures show.


Gone plum purple crazy in Apex, NC

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