Turning Archive 2005

A lesson, Please, On wet sanding?

Barry Irby
>Can someone who actually wet sands give me a lesson? I posted my saga about the Watco finish several messages down. I tried wet sanding and it seems to have worked, so I want to know more. Notice how I tried it first and then asked for the lesson?? Hmmm? Maybe I should turn that around int he future.

What do you do? Put on some finish and sand it wet? Wet with what? more finish? Thinner? What about the sludge? Wipe it off? Paper towels or rags? What grits? I hear talk of using the sludge as grain filler. Can you explain. What finishes are you working with? Does this work on bare wood? TIA

I tried 400 wet or dry paper wet with mineral spirits until the surface was clean and smooth and it appears to be "coming back" much faster than the one I sanded back to bare wood.

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