Turning Archive 2005

Are you woodturning or killing snakes?

Stuart Johnson
>Back in the old days when I knew everything my Dad still took the time to try to show me how to do stuff. One of the things he was always sayings was "Slow down. You're (insert activity) not killing snakes".

Now I know some here are production turners and time is money. But for the rest of us is speed so important. Look at the latest Tormek threads. Many post talk about how fast they can go to the grinder or Tormek and be back working. I am a poor hobbiest that can't think of a single reason why I care if it takes me two minutes or ten seconds to sharpen my tool. I don't have any need to have the grinder within a half step or for that matter I don't have the need to have all 500 (I wish) tools right at hand. If my tool needs sharpening I walk around behind the lathe to my Tormek. If the jig is set up fine, if not I set it up. I walk back to the lathe and if I had turned it off I take a look at my work. If I didn't turn it off I start cutting. If I need a different tool and it's not laying under the ways I walk over and pick it up, check to see if I sharpened it prior to putting up lat time and then either go to the Tormek or back to the lathe. The one thing I don't do is worry or even think about how long it took.

So back to the original question. Are you woodturning or killing snakes?

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