Turning Archive 2005

Relief Abuse

>While in Grand Bay, Alabama, I realized how easy it is for some to take advantage of the generosity of others. Many different relief organizations were giving out food, water, clothing, etc and most of the recipients were obviously in need of these items....but, there were a noticeable number who were going from one relief center to another and taking anything that they could get. I saw SUV's that were loaded already getting more. One was having trouble finding room in his Explorer for his latest "take". It is unfortunate that this happens but the old saying is true, "there are givers and there are takers". If you are a giver please check out who you are giving to. My brother just told me that panhandlers in Atlanta are now claiming to be from New Orleans and they are asking for money to use until they can find a job. Yeah, right, these people will not work and they will never find a job. On the other hand, there are a lot of very needy people out there so don't stop giving because they need it badly. Sure, some of your contributions are going to be skimmed, that is fact. Some will be by people taking more than their fair share and some will be by big disaster relief organizations who use 50% of their collections for admininstrative costs. So this is just a reminder, check out who you are giving to.

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