Turning Archive 2005

Flood Insurance

Stuart Johnson
>Terry wrote:
I was told that many people who had tried to buy flood insurance did not have it because they were told they were not in a flood plane and did not need it.

Our house has flooded twice since 1998. We asked about flood insurance after the first one and were told we weren't eligible because we weren't in a floodplain. After the second flood we were told the same thing. My wife basicly said BS and called our state congressman. It all got sorted out and we found out anyone can purchase flood insurance as it is a federal program.

We also contacted our county commissioner about the increased flooding caused by building in the area. He sent out a team and they spent two days surveying. His answer was "your house wouldn't flood if it wasn't where the water wants now drains." He went on to say if he had his crews come fix our area he would have to do it for everyone. Our conversation sort of went down hill from there.

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