Turning Archive 2005

Help making a profiling tool

Ralph T
>I'll be making a profiling tool for turned spindles and looking for tips, recommendations or sources for ideas on the topic. Conventionally they might be used for fluting or reeding, but probably have more possibilities that I'd like to explore. I've looked around and there just isn't much information out there on the topic.

I'd like the tool to follow the diameter of the turning as opposed to just following the straight lathe axis. The most helpful source I've found so far has been an article about turning bed posts from an '85 Fine Woodworking. There are several photos of a shop-made tool in use to flute a bedpost. It seems like a versatile tool and could allow for some other creative possibilities. It's made so that a pivoting arm holds a router horizontal and perpindicular to the lathe axis. I assume a bearing on the bit follows the work profile as the whole sled rides along the ways of the lathe (a picture would be worth a thousand words here).

Anyone have and ideas on the topic or recommendations for links or resources?


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