Turning Archive 2005

jet mini saga

John Lucas
>As some of you might remember I bought 2 return item jet mini lathes from a local supplier. They seemed to work OK but had no torque on the motor. I finally had time to check them out yesterday in the electronics lab at work. Apparently the Power supplies are OK and the motors are bad. We hooked the motors up to completely different DC supply and they still don't have any torque. New motors are $197 so that's out. I already have one of the Vega DC motors and will set up one lathe with that. Now I'm looking for another motor. Does anyone know of a source for used or cheap motors that I can put on the other lathe. The ideal thing of course would be a DC motor that would be the same size as the Jet. I've lost the address of the surplus place that sells motors. Does anyone have that?

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