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Can't have too many salad bowl posts.

>I showed one of my finished bowls to a lady at work yesterday, probably the sixth bowl I've made ever, and she instantly started hinting around what kind of money would it take to get a set of salad bowls. My first response was that she should find somebody competent to make them for her, then I asked her how many bowls. She says 12. 12. Are you kidding me? Is it harvest time in the fields or something?

Anyway, my questions are not really about the $ end of it. I can figure that out, and I'm sure I'll sell my labor for next to nothing. I've read a bunch of "salad bowl" posts on this site, and a few of the linked articles (the seven "S's"), yet questions remain. I could use some help with:

1) Type of wood - I think for 12 bowls this needs to be a fairly inexpensive wood. Suggestions?
2) Size of the blank - I'm thinking blanks that are 8x8x3 or maybe even 8x8x2 are what I'm after? I'll be working with dry wood, and I'll need to find a good source too I guess.
3) Preferred finishes. I've read enought to think non-glossy oil is the route, but there are about a billion choices. The only used example of a bowl I've seen was gummy and nasty on the inside, and if I can avoid that....
4) Care and feeding - how does my customer take care of the bowls for the long term?

Thanks -

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