Turning Archive 2005

Hair sticks, anyone?

John K Jordan
>I want to make some hair sticks for my daughter-in-law (as a surprise present). She uses these often and when she saw some spindle turnings she exclaimed "wow, you could make hairs sticks!"

I never heard of hair sticks before I saw her use them. A quick internet search suggests they are popular. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to look at one closely when she visited. I'm looking for guidelines on size and design from those who know their hair sticks!

I found this on a how-to page: "3.Grip the stick at its widest portion. Avoid using the decorative top section as a lever; it might break off." implying that one end could be decorative and perhaps some section wider.

I found some for sale at 4.5", 6", and 7". Is it better to make them longer or shorter? Some were square, and I assume all are pointed on at least one end. Should they be uniformly tapered or can they be thicker in some place or places? Does it matter? Do they need to be thicker at one end, perhaps to keep hair from sliding off?

JKJ in East TN

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