Turning Archive 2005

Unlikely source

David Campbell Upland CA
>Yesterday being a holiday, SHMBO thought I should go shopping with her to the Dress Barn as doing something together. My argument that I do not wear dresses fell on deaf ears. While waiting for her to find just one more dress, I walked in the nearby Ross “Dress for Less” store. While looking through the kitchen and house wares, I noticed a number of wooden salad bowls. Looking at the different woods etc, I found a bowl that was rough turned. Seriously, no finish that I could tell on the bowl, a warped top rim and about 1/2 inch thick and no hint of being sanded. The price was 2.99 and the wood showed some nice contrasting colors, its mine now. So, when you least expect it a nice 8” diameter rough bowl blank appeared. Maybe it is not such a bad idea to go with the wife to shop once in awhile. YMMV

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