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Suggestions: gift for daughter's birthday

>My daughter's 3rd birthday is coming up and I'm stuck for an idea of what to make her. My original plan three years ago was to build a dollhouse (AHHAAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA), but I'm short on calendar and short on time (our 2nd child has seen to it personally). I could use some suggestions. My default is to make her a little bowl with lavender wax as part of the finish, because she loves to sniff every bowl I make. She seems to think that bowls and woodworking projects are made exclusively to be sniffed.

Bowl - ok, default. She would definitely get a kick out of it.
Top - already has one. She can't spin it.
Ball & Cup catch toy - She'll brain herself within thirty seconds.
Weedpot - maybe...
Little snowman - already has one

If I made her a little bowl to eat her fruit in, what kind of finish would I use (or avoid)? What kind of wood would I use (or avoid)?

The gift needs to be something simple (so I can make it), simple (so she can know what it is and enjoy it), durable (so she can enjoy it), obvious (so she can enjoy it).....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's an good gift idea out there somewhere, and I'm just not getting it to the front of my head.

David B.

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