Turning Archive 2005

Katrina-Carved Egg Donation *PIC*

Betty Scarpino
>Holding an auction like this to raise money for victims of hurricane
Katrina is a great idea. It brings together people who can donate handmade items with generous purchasers. Most certainly, the victims of this devastating hurricane are desperately in need of help. This egg is turned out of soft maple, then bleached. I painted the triangles with acrylic paint, then outlined them by carving. It's finished with spray lacquer. The small stand is made from walnut. I selected an egg to donate because they represent new beginnings. Triangles are three-sided, each side or point represents one person in this process: the maker, the buyer, and the recipient. Thank you! --Betty Scarpino

This auction will end on Friday at 8:00pm WoodCentral time.
Please place all bids over on the Benefits Auction Forum.

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