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Better Banjo for 3520A

Dan in the NW
>Has anyone replaced the banjo on their PM 3520? I have 5 or 6 tool rests for a Jet 1642. Unfortunately the posts are a bit on the short side. The PM 3520 banjo is shorter than most banjos for a 20" lathe. As those of you with 3520s know it adds a bit of fun to the toolrest search.

I've considered a couple of options. I could have a machinist ream out my existing banjo and put a machined extension collar that brings it up another 1' to 1 1/2". The other option was to have the bottoms of my tool rests drilled and tapped to take an extension with a set screw countersunk to keep it from coming loose. I've also thought about making my own tool rests.

All three ideas are doable. But I started thinking about the advantages of having a second banjo. For long spindle work I could build an 18" to 24" tool rest and support it at both ends. The second banjo could hold my captured hollowing rig and I could get rid of the funky wooden support I built. When I build my steady rest, the second banjo could hold it in place.

I've looked at and used the Oneway banjos. They seem to work better than other banjos I've used. Oneway sells them as a retro-fit part for other manufacturer's lathes (http://www.oneway.on.ca/lathes/non-oneway.htm). At $225 it's not a prohibitive cost. I could easily spend that much on the other options.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone that has put a Oneway banjo on a PM 3520. Also, convince me I going to wrong direction or what other options you've considered.


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