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Katrina Help Update

>OK Folks, I have been trying to find a place to go to help storm survivers and it is looking like I will hook up with Rev Doug in the southwest corner of Alabama. I plan to leave here Monday morning, chainsaw in hand. I have helped clear from tornadoes all over Georgia ever since one missed my house by a couple hundred yards in 1987. Anyone wanting to join me for the ride down would be welcome. I am taking camping gear so that I do not take much needed hotel space. Will plan to come back on Friday or so. Anyone wanting to help with the cost of the trip and a couple of large coolers of food that I am taking can email me. I'll keep records of the expense and maybe we can have an on line auction when I get back to share the cost of the trip. This will be a fact finding type trip so when I get back I can tell you all more about what is needed away from the areas the camera crews are working in. I'll try to get some turning wood from Katrina to auction off.

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Katrina Help Update
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Thanks Rob, will do. *NM*
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