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A general comment based on photography thread...

steve antonucci
>I think that my coffee must be working this morning because I had an epiphany.

It seems that people are on both sides of the issue of unsolicited critiques, whether it is form or photography. The main issue is that some people feel that since the poster did not ask for it, other shouldn't offer their opinions.

Unfortunately, this creates tension, and inhibits people who do want to learn from the group. We can see that there are people learning from other people's posts as well as their own. Anyone posting any item, whether it is an object for critique or the picture itself should be willing to listen to the exchange of experiences and ideas and OPINIONS, and do what they want with that information.

So I offer the following compromise-

Since the true benefit of a critique is to have the group learn from it, do not offer a critique without a clear explanation of how you think things may be improved. Some folks around here have taken the time to "edit" images of forms that they have critiqued, so why not all of us put the same effort into our judgements.

As my own worst critic, there is nothing that anyone here would say to me that I haven't already said outloud...


p.s. to those people that do not wish to be critiqued but post work, pictures, whatever, - assume that 1/2 of the group wants to learn from your posts

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