Turning Archive 2005

Let's All Be Thankful

Barry Turner
>We all have so much to be thankful for. I filled up with gas last night.......cost me $2.99 per gallon, but I was able to buy enough gas to fill up the Jeep with no problem. And there was no line. I had a nice supper tonight at my mother-in-law's and shared a couple of hours with my family. I went to work today. It wasn't such a special day, but I'm thankful I have a job to go to. I'm at home now....watching TV with my wife of 34 years. We're dry. We have electric power. We have AC. We have running water.........hot and cold. No, I don't plan to take a shower tonight.....but I could if I wanted to. When I lie down to sleep tonight.......I won't be kept awake to the sounds of 40,000+ roommates....many crying in anguish and despair. There are so many tonight in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama who don't have any of those things that we so often take for granted. They may not even know where their family members are. Let's all thank God for what we have tonight and say a special prayer for all of the storm victims and the relief workers, police, National Guard and others who are working to provide for their needs.

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