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Pens for Canadian Peacekeepers, Project Update *LINK* *PIC*

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

I am posting this story to bring you up to date on events and status of the project.

The project is now 9 months old and it’s been a great deal of fun, 136 pens have been sent out, 43 in the last shipment in mid July alone. The pens have gone to men and women serving in Afghanistan, Haiti, Egypt, Serial Leone and the Sudan. Many of these handcrafted pens have been from volunteers as well as myself.

The letters that have come back from the recipients often have been very moving, filled with commitment to what they do and a clear sense of honesty and pride about how they feel.

I am inviting you to please take a look at the web site link below and read some of the letters from the soldiers, see their pictures, see some of the pens that have been sent and read the names of the great volunteers.

I have to say a special Thank You to Shirley Penny in Ottawa within the forces, for being my eyes and ears in directing the pens to the right places around the world.

This project is now in the attention of Canadian Armed Forces Chief of the Defense Staff, General Rick Hillier. Shirley tells me that the General likes to see the pens when they come in and before they are sent overseas, it makes their agenda! As well I have had feed back from local and federal politicians about their support of what this projects means and stands for.

This project is about reaching out and making a difference one person at a time. I would like to invite those of you who would like to support this project to go to the web site and get in touch with me about helping to make some special people feel recognized and not forgotten while they are away from loved ones doing a very honourable service.

Take care,

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