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Joaz Shear Scraper

Bill Stehman
>Joaz, thanks much for the thread on your scrapers. I had a drawer full of old roughing gouges that have never been used so I began to grind and grind. One at 30 degrees, one at 45 and another at 60. They do have to be presented a tad lower of center. A great use of an unused tool. As being a shear scraper that would have to be debated for the rest of time as Mike Schwing just showed using a winged gouge riding the bevel and making shearing cuts is what a shearing cut is. I can achieve very nice shearing cuts on these reverse grind tools but only on the shaollow cut 60 degree tool. I got very aggressive using this cut flat on the tool rest with no catches. Maybe because of the round over of the roughing gouge. In any case, thanks much for sharing and I will keep playing...

Bill ... AZ

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