Turning Archive 2005

Question on Watco Danish Oil

Barry Irby
>I have turned a number of stools out of walnut and the client asked me to finish them with Watco Danish oil. I have wiped on about ten or twelve coats and have built a nice finish on them. Good depth and nice low gloss. I have been putting one or two coats a day on them and they remain somewhat tacky. Questions.

How long does it take for them to fully cure. I have them in an air conditioned space out of direct sunlight. It seems that each successive coat takes a little longer.

They have a few minor defects. A few dust particles and a few remaining dull spots. I am thinking of putting them back on the lathe and spinning them slowly and wet sanding them with some more Watco. Is this a good idea? Will I have to rebuild the finish? What grit should I use? Do I wait for them to fully cure or do it now? TIA

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