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Salt and Pepper Hollow Forms *PIC*

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario
>Okay, So I am having some fun with the title,

This is a set of salt and pepper mills I made for a gift ahile ago. The wood is a madrone burl, some areas of it is burlier than other parts of it, but you can't always see that when you are buying the wood.

I enjoyed turning this wood, but I found some large voids inside that created major issues when they joined the outside surface (holes and loose materials) I used the shavings from the turnings and CA glue to build up those areas and it in the end created some interesing surfaces on the work, barely even noticable and not to the recipient.

The mills are about 10 inches tall and I used no finish on the inside, and oil then Mylands friction polish on the outside. The mills have a great sense of weight in your hand and look nice even if I say so myself. I was not trying to create a duplicate design either, two unique looks for two unique mills.

Now..., ..which one is the pepper!!

Take care,

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Salt and Pepper Hollow Forms *PIC*
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