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Taking pictures

Russ Fairfield
>Sorry folks, but I look at the quality of the photo in the same light as finishing the bottom of a piece of wood, or putting your signature on it. If you don't think enough of it to finish it, claim it, or take a good picture of it; then, why should I look at it.

I give the beginners some slack on the pictures, but there is a limit to how much. There is no excuse for not taking and posting better pictures. There are several folks on these forums who are professional photographers and they are always offering their advice. If they aren't to be believed, there is an abundance of Internet sites devoted to taking better pictures of small objects like dolls, model cars, and jewelry. All of that can be applied to our turned wood. There is no lack of knowledge available.

Many use the inadequate pixel excuse, but that won't work for pictures posted on the Internet. High pixel numbers are required for making large prints of the photo. Internet pictures don't need a lot of pixels.

Neither is the editing software an excuse. There are some very good editors available free for the downloading from the Internet.

Am I missing something here??
Or, am I just being the "Olde Curmudgeon"?

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