Turning Archive 2005

A few recent turnings... *PIC*

Molly Winton
>I recently acquired some small blocks of burl, and have been playing around with them. The Tasmanian Eucalyptus piece was fun. It was a very green piece I bought in KC. I wanted to see what would happen if I turned it and branded it prior to drying. When it dried it distorted in, what I think, is a very cool way. The surface also became all bumpy and warpy very much like wet madrone burl will do when turned thin and allowed to dry on it's own. I've got some other pieces waiting for similar pieces.

Upon previewing the post, it seems the descriptions are hard to read. The bottom left piece is the Tasmanian Eucalyptus, while each of the other three are maple burl. Top two are branded and pyrography, while the bottom right has pyrography on the top, and hammered on the base portion. Each piece is approximately 4" diameter and 3" tall.

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