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more magic wands *LINK*

John K Jordan
>Just a suggestion here for anyone looking for a market for some turnings. As I posted before, I set up at the last Harry Potter book release and made and sold a number of magic wands. I was surprised by the response. I did it for fun and didn't care if I sold any, but the crowd cleaned me out!

Here's another market I've just learned about. A costume maker called me yesterday and wants a quantity of simple wands. She makes custom costumes and has many orders for halloween costumes. She also expects to sell more costumes in November in time for the next Harry Potter movie release. She said only plastic wands are available commercially but a costume is so much better with a wooden wand. She said the wands do not have to be fancy or even perfect - she even wanted to buy any that I might mess up. (Sorry, those will still go in the fireplace)

If you want to do some simple spindle turnings and make a little money you might look up costume makers in your area or on the internet. I don't even know how to find local costume makers, but I'm sure there's a way.

The link below is to the magic wand thread in July and has some pictures.

JKJ in East TN

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