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Outdoor Sign Making....help?

>Hello All,

I have volunteered to make 3 2'x4' signs for an upcoming Art Show. I've made them out of 3/4" ply in the sandwich board style. The edges have strips of solid wood glued with Titebond II and brads. The Art show committee has decided that we will use adhesive spray to affix some printed heavy paper signs to these. I've got 3 coats of latex outdoor paint on them as of right now. Then they want to use a poly of some sort. I'm not able to find an outdoor water base, which is what I hoped for in order to not yellow the paper. I'm only finding an oil base. My question is...what would you use for this application considering the latex paint, the spray adhesive and them being used outdoors....granted only 3 days a year but in October when it's quite possible for lots of rain. I don't want to be doing this over again next year.

Thanks for any help you may offer!

Jennifer :)

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Outdoor Sign Making....help?
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