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help with laquer decision

> ok, i just ordered a spray setup to put laquer on some of my pieces. i ordered from Homestead, Jeff Jewitt was
of great help and put a convertion HVLP system together for me. i ordered a 1 gallon pressure pot, a nice
gun(forgot to ask which one he is sending) and an additional gravity fed gun. with the nice gun, i told him to
get me the best one he thinks, i'll call him tomorrow and ask him which one.
my question now is WHICH laquer to spray. his recommendation was Sherwin williams either the T70 series,
T72 series or the cab acrylic laquer T75 series. T70 and T72 are out for me since my local serwin
williams(california) needs to see a permit, but they do carry the T75 series. problem is, they only have the 5
gallon buckets and the laquer has a pot life of 6 months. there is no way i'll be using that much, so i'll probably
throw out 4 gallons of that.
also, I don't have space for a real spray booth, i can rig something up, i don't mind going alll out with fan and
such, but i need ideas for a small tear down booth that i can either use in my shop or outside. any ideas would
be appreciated, maybe some of you could send me an e-mail with pics of their setup.
then, today, i talked to my local serwin williams store and they recommended Kem Aqua, water based laquer or
the Sherwood low VOC laquer, both have a much longer pot life and are available in 5 gallon buckets, the Kem
aqua is supposed to stay clear where the Sherwood might get some yellowing.
since i have never sprayed before, i need a recommendation, maybe i should get a different kind of laquer all
together, but i don't know what to pick.
please guys, fill me in on the secret of laquers, which kind to use, water based or Solvent based, NC/Cab or low
VOC. which manufacturer is preferred.
thanx so much in advance guys

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