Turning Archive 2005

Triple Feedback Request *PIC*

Randy in Langley
>I've been reading the archives with enthusiasm to understand how I can improve on my photo shooting skills. I was recently given a "Photo-Stage" set-up that was used in a crime lab to take photos of evidence and I wanted to convert it in to something usable for my turnings.

I'd like some feedback on my photos and some advice as to how I can make them better. I'd also appreciate some feedback on the pieces in the photos.

The first piece is a hollow form turned from Silver Maple and Purpleheart, it is 9" tall and about 5" in diameter.

The second (posted separately)is a natural edge bowl turned from a chunk of Black Cottonwood that was going to be firewood. It has a little bit of figure in it but certainly nothing to brag about.

Any and all feedback is apprecaited

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